Can’t wait for HD DVD?

May 4, 2004

dvdHow about a DVD player that will up convert to 480p, 720p or 1080i over component or DVI. The Momitsu V880 might just tide you over till all of this Blu-Ray stuff gets sorted out. A year plus from now is the current guess.

I borrowed a friends V880 and decided to do a quickie review, here’s what I found. Images were defiantly better on my 30” Monivision (I know, upgrading soon) than with my current DVD player an older Sony model.

In Kill Bill Vol.1 I noticed increased clarity, depth, and detail in the infamous restaurant fight scene, actors that until now might as well have been CGI duplicates with my setup, are now portrayed with much more detail than I ever noticed. The Momitsu lets you adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation. After slightly increasing the contrast to better match my monitor’s sensitivity I was wowed by the all too familiar action sequence.

Other players such as the Bravo D1 & Samsung HD931 also offer DVI . I’ll revisit this review if I can procure the Bravo or Samsung for comparison. But for now I can’t wait to get my hands on a Momitsu of my own for further viewing. This is obviously only a stop gap on the road to true HD DVD but I had a blast playing around with this thing.

A couple of other interesting features of the V880 is the ability to upgrade the players firmware via regularly updated files from Momitsu burned to CDR’s. Other features of note, a user adjustable region setting and enabling or disabling Macrovision.

All in all this was a great temporary addition to my setup and one that will soon become permanent.

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