Crestron one giant leap

May 11, 2004

crestron_touchpanelThat’s the message on their website anyway. They state, “The world of touch panels is about to change. With one giant leap, Crestron will transform the touch panel beyond imagination.” Wow, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a pretty big imagination. This entire hubbub is going to be explained at Infocomm 2004 in Atlanta, at the Georgia World Congress Center (about 7 miles from where I live, coincidentally). “Beyond Imagination” is a pretty big statement and given the innovation AMX has introduced in the last few years, Crestron really needs to bump it up a few notches. Granted I’m a Atlanta Crestron programmer (Level 1) I’d hate to come off like a fanboi, but I believe in the product wholeheartedly. Still, I can’t help but be a tad skeptical at these claims.

I’ve asked my local reps and factory techs for a few hints as to what they’re going to unveil. Initially I got, “You probably know more than us,” which I found hard to believe, seeing as I knew zip. Later I did get, “it’s 80% what you’re expecting and 20% what your not.” Ok … that was cryptic ….. I guess by that comment we’re to believe that input/output options and Wi-Fi are among the new goodies. Those are features AMX already introduced, but I have to believe Crestron knows simply following AMX won’t cut it. They haven’t been one to follow the leader up to this point. They’ve innovated thus far, not duplicated.

So needless to say, I’ll be at InfoComm June 5th with the rest of the A/V crowd, checking out what all the fuss is over. Any of you plan on going? I plan on updating the site live from the show, if I can find some Wi-Fi that is.

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