Display calibration made easy

May 23, 2004

After recently struggling to get the image from a loaned video projector calibrated, I started looking at other options for color calibration. My setup is difficult to calibrate by myself because of the room layout. I highly recommend the Digital Video Essentials disc but I was looking for help with a particularly troublesome DLP. Thankfully a friend loaned me Pantones Spyder pro. The Spyder system consists of a USB optical colormeter and software used for measuring and adjusting settings, via the creation of ICC files. The package is designed for CRT and LCD monitors but finding the correct settings for projectors isn’t hard at all. You might need a few USB extension cables to reach from your PC to the screen, however.

The basic technique for using this software/color meter with a projector is to adjust the settings, via the projector remote, until you get the recommended settings from the Spyder software. In practice this won’t be as difficult as it might sound and you’ll have much better color calibration for your home theater than was possible with the naked eye. A slightly less comprehensive “standard” version is also available.

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