Download a movie, no really

May 15, 2004

tvDigital satellite high definition CATV with PPV and on demand services, are a few of programming choices available to viewers today. In the future however, we’ll move away from being limited to simply “what’s on”. Choices in content continue to grow, as well as the options to deliver them.

Netflix is a great service, but what if you didn’t have to wait on the movie in the mail, run out to the movie store, or be limited to what’s on PPV? Services such as MovieLink and Cinema Now are the early adopters in internet based entertainment content providers. These services allow you to download a movie and watch it at your leisure, typically for a 24 hour period or longer in some cases. The movie studios are on board because the files are encrypted, providing relative safety from piracy. The image quality isn’t quite there yet, but this will improve with time.

HTPCs continue to blur the difference between theater and PC, allowing us to download store and manage content. Microsoft Windows Media Edition is one platform for this integration. Microsoft plans introduce the Windows Media Center Extender, allowing HTPCs running its software to stream DVD’s and other content to a set top box, via ethernet or Wi-Fi. Another popular Home Theater PC software solution is MyHTPC.

So regardless of the medium, choices for consumers can only improve in the coming months/years.

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