HD-DVD Redux

May 9, 2004

t2_hd_dvdIn an earlier article “Can’t wait for HD DVD?”, I mentioned up scaling standard definition DVD’s to HDTV resolutions. As it turns out, true HDTV DVD is already here, sort of… Windows Media Video via Windows Media Player 9 or DVD players embedded with WMP9, are making their way into the market now.

As far as software goes, some WMV HD DVDs are out now. The most notable are “Terminator 2 (Extreme Edition)“and more recently “Step into Liquid”, a surfing documentary with amazing visuals. A few other WMV HD titles on DVD are “Coral Reef Adventure” and “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”.

Microsoft has a page with sample clips from their series of HDTV DVDs, and title information. DVD players equipped to play WMP9 DVDs will appear on the market mid year 2004, first from Bravo and KiSS. This obviously isn’t going to be the final standard for HD DVD, but it offers a glimpse of what’s to come.

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