HDTV to the masses

May 21, 2004

sanyo widescreen hdtvSanyo recently rolled out two new CRT Direct View HDTV televisions which are priced below $1000, one a 32” 4:3 and the other a 30” 16:9 widescreen. The widescreen version would seemingly make a great start to a entry level home theater or as a bedroom HDTV.

The 4:3 set list for $747 (16:9 price said to be similar) bringing HDTV to consumers that, until now, were priced out of the market. Both of the digital sets have 2 component inputs and a built in off-air HDTV tuner, allowing the owner to begin enjoying HDTV programming relatively quickly.

We have contacted Sanyo’s PR firm requesting a review sample of the 16:9 version and are eagerly awaiting their response.

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