Holiday weekend, home theater speaker report

May 31, 2004

Recently I heard a line of speakers by Totem Acoustics that do something I haven’t really heard in years. Simply put they play music as well as 5.1 surround. This might not sound like much of an accomplishment, but more and more manufactures tweak and re-tweak their “sound” to wow home theater demos and potential customers, while sacrificing accuracy and tonal balance.

Totem obviously knows what music should sound like and brings that sound to their home theater series. I had the rare chance (time) to fully audition a pair of Totems STTAF tower speakers, and almost lost track of time and missed an appointment. I hear lots of audio gear and this rarely happens. If you get a chance to audition any of their speakers, do so. The Dream Catcher line specifically would make a great L/R/C/SUR/SUB addition to a medium sized home theater. Yeah, I’m hyped on these.

PSB speakers (author owned equipment) have redesigned their Image series, including the Image 3LR’s and Image tower line up. PSB has long been a favorite of mine, offering a clean solid sound. Considering their relative affordability, if your looking for new home theater speakers, make PSB a must audition.

Audio Related:

Looking for a plasma display that puts as much emphasis on sounds as looks? Take a look at Crystal Views Sound Art loudspeaker frame. The custom frame contains left/right and can even be spec’d with a center channel, making it a compact A/V choice for those seeking a theater solution with tight space considerations.

There’s an excellent article in the June issue of Ultimate A/V, about the difference between 5.1 and 7.1 surround. With pros and cons from each side, it was clear and concise and summed up what I want my clients to understand about surround formats. It’s definitely going in my bag of tricks.

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