Home Theater Master MX-800

May 12, 2004

MX-800My old Crestron ST-1500’s battery finally gave up the ghost. I just happened to have a Home Theater Master MX-800 around for an upcoming install, so I thought I’d give it a try. Typically my remotes of choice are Crestron touch panels or the Philips iPronto, this particular project called for something a little less expensive. I’ve never programmed the MX-800 before so I actually read the manual, go figure.

Programming was straightforward once I realized uploading reads the remotes content and downloading sends the program (this seem backwards to anyone else?). Anyway this was an eye opener. Being so used to more complex home theater system remotes, I was a bit skeptical that a budget remote could do some of the functions I’m accustomed to. I was wrong. This is one easy to use and program remote, that offers all the features the typical Home Theater enthusiast looks for.

The programming software from home theater masters website is similar to Pronto Pro, perhaps a little easier. The software has a built in IR database that’s pretty comprehensive (it even had codes for my Linn Kairn) customs macros with time delays were a breeze. My favorite feature was the point and click channel favorites that can be assigned from any source, vcr, satellite, etc. My only complaint was the backlight, it was a tad dim for the lcd section but no deal breaker. Over all I was very pleased with this remote and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any of my clients.

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