Home Theater PC’s (HTPC) increasing in popularity

May 1, 2004

htpcI’m actually writing this on a HTPC, that’s the problem, I’m writing on it not watching movies on it. I’ve come to the conclusion that you pretty much need a dedicated HTPC separate from your day to day email checker variety of PC. Think about it, you’ve got a machine that’s in another part of the house and separated room to room by how many feet? Cable length is a factor on how much interoperability you’ll get between the two factions, if you have to run 35-40 feet of component or DVI cable from the PC’s location to your display why bother?.

Second and more importantly settings, it’s unlikely that your monitors display settings and your theaters display settings will be identical, which causes all sorts of problems such as an annoying refresh rate issue that I’m experiencing right now.

I’m currently working of a full review of the Denzel TP400-S HTPC, Still not certain where I stand on the whole notion of HTPC’s but after I finish this review I doubt I’ll be as lukewarm either way as I am right now.

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