Samsung 941 DVD player

May 16, 2004

Samsung-941The Samsung 941 DVD player with a built in Faroudja DCDi scaler, might be my next DVD player. I had considered upgrading to the Momitsu V880 DVD player, but the 941 at $300.00 (or less) with SACD and DVD-A audio, the Faroudja chip, and black level adjustment, just packs a bigger punch in my opinion.

Release date speculation is anywhere from mid/late May to July. Samsung states a release date of Q3 ‘2004, so we’ll see. Amazon is already taking preorders with an estimated ship date of July 17. Full review to follow, when I get my hands on one.

There are quite a few DVD players with the ability to upscale to HDTV resolutions scheduled for release this year. Here’s a handy page with a list of DVD player’s with resolution upscaling by model, features, availability, and retail prices.

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