Home theater news for June 3rd

June 3, 2004

news_paperThis from an ITtoolbox.com article “Less than one in four owners of HDTV sets actually subscribe to cable or satellite channels that broadcast high-def.”

That sounds about right to me, I see this out in the field time and time again, although I will say it been declining lately. It pains me every time I have to look into a new clients face and tell them, I hate to tell you this, but you don’t actually have HDTV, you have a HDTV monitor “capable” of showing high def.

Voom is running promos for their new HD channel that debuts June 15th. Equator looks to offer an alternative to DiscoveryHD, the new channel has been described as outdoor/adventure oriented.

Slightly off topic but, what’s gotten into George Lucas? Why anyone would re-cut classics like the three original star wars flicks for DVD. Yeah adding new effects might be interesting to a few casual fans of the series, but I know I’m not alone in wanting to see a clean crisp original, not some after the fact “new and improved” version like what’s being released September 21st.

And lastly some decent HDTV buying tips from the Mercury news. Annoying but free registration required.

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