Home Theater?

June 4, 2004

hollywoodWhat does home theater mean to you? I was thinking about this today. I grew up in the late 70’s with classics like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Close Encounters’, ‘Apocalypse Now’, ‘Blazing Saddles’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, and in the early 80’s with the era of big business, big music, and big movies. Movies like ‘Blade Runner’, ‘The Terminator’, ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Rocky’, ‘E.T.’, ‘Rain Man’, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, and ‘Aliens’.

In the 90’s we were still playing catch up to the technology of the cinema. I remember being in the theater watching ‘Hunt for Red October’ saying to myself, “One day I’ll be able to feel this at home.” Now many years have gone by and in my opinion we’ve eclipsed the movie house, not in total pixels or decibels, but in achieving a level where the limits of what we can recreate in our homes doesn’t distract from what the director intended.

Today we have digital projectors in theaters, a step backwards in my opinion. ‘Attack of the Clones’ was an ok movie, no where near as good as it should/could have been. The technology should never replace creativity and ingenuity, if we want to keep the level of entertainment up and pretentiousness down. ‘Day After Tomorrow’ doesn’t warrant the waste of a VHS cassette, much less a DVD.

My main love is music, always has been and always will be. The beauty of music is the fact you don’t have to be an active participant. You can wash the dishes and still enjoy it. That’s why movies at home mean so much to me. Just the sheer fact you have the time to sit and actively enjoy something is a celebration in its self. We live in a wonderful time.
It’s a privilege to be able to sit down and take a few hours out of your day/weekend, what have you, and just zone out and take in someone else’s interpretation of reality.

So the question is what does home theater mean to you? Is it just a way to catch up on what you missed in the theater? Is it a way to see movies if you have newborns at home? Or something else that’s harder to put into words?

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