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June 7, 2004

news_paperOk this tool was fun for about 2 minutes. Lets see, two more days until the Infocomm exhibition, or 213 days till CES. And only 937 Days until the Scheduled End of Analog Television Broadcasting.

Broadcasters are to return their old analog channels to the government by 2007 or when 85 percent of homes in any given market are able to receive DTV signals. Cable operators could then be required to carry all of a broadcaster’s multi-cast standard-definition and HDTV signals, under Ferree’s recommendation.

However, the national DTV adoption rate has fallen well short of 85 percent by the 2007 date. Ferree, who pointed out that it could take until 2050 to reach the 85 percent rate, said under the new plan the spectrum return date should be Jan. 1, 2009.

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