Sony’s High Contrast Projection Screen

June 22, 2004

sonyI wanted to mention this if only in passing, I saw the Sony “black” screen at Infocomm earlier this month. The odd thing was where it was placed, they had it setup right as you came down the escalator, making your way onto the exhibit floor. As there were oh about a thousand people behind me I felt kind of cramped and moved on. Only later did I realize what I’d seen, it was Sony’s prototype ambient light rejecting front projection screen. Now in the few minutes I had, what I saw was quite impressive, basically they had not only the ambient light from the top level of the atrium, but large spot lights directly on the screen. The image wasn’t the least bit washed out, it looked great.

Supposedly the science behind this thing is just as impressive as the image I saw. The projection screen lets Red Green or Blue light be reflected back but incandescent, sunlight, fluorescent or other broad spectrum light isn’t absorbed. In theory you could have a front projection screen with bright ambient light in the room, with little to no picture deterioration. Sony however, doesn’t expect the screen to be commercially available until at least sometime in 2005.

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