Home Theater news July 15th

July 15, 2004

news_paperSeveral major DVD makers and film studios, have teamed up to begin work on an encryption protocol, that will be used in high def DVD’s. Advanced Access Content System, AACS. The new system offers more than one level of protection such as copy freely, copy once or no copying.

Denon has introduced new home theater products. Including a new Dolby Pro Logic IIx surround receiver and new DVD players with DVI outputs. However the highly anticipated networked A/V server from Denon was delayed, with no new expected release date announced.

The German loudspeaker manufacturer Canton, has released a line of slim aluminum cased speakers to compliment flat screen displays, such as Plasma’s and LCD’s. The new CD Series use a high quality crossover not usually found in loudspeakers of their price range. Worth a look, er listen.

Voom has its eye on new satellite slots up for auction from the government. The satellite provider is aiming to expand transmission capacity. Being a newly subscribed Voomer my self, I hope they win the bid.

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