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July 22, 2004

newsDirecTV announced an increase in the number of NFL games broadcast in HDTV, for the 2004 season, by as much as five times over the 2003 season. The move is seen by some as an answer to the challenge posed from Voom, which currently offers more hi-def programming than DirecTV. A DirecTV executive, Stephanie Campbell, stated “DirecTV’s high-definition offerings have just begun”, though she declined to discuss future plans.

What is Denon thinking? The AVR-5805 a $6,000.00, 16 channel audio video receiver? Give me a break, at 6k you could easily buy separates that would likely offer equal if not better sound and the amplifiers would benefit from separate power supplies. Not to mention at 6 grand who wants the amps tied to a processor (no matter how good) that will one day be surpassed in performance. Oh well, I guess they won the “mine’s bigger” game at least.

P.S If anyone from Denon that wants to send me one for review, I’ll gladly eat my words if it’s the cats meow…

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