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July 26, 2004

news_paperToshiba and NEC’s HD-DVD format took a step forward with the announcement of the first eight titles to be released on HD-DVD. Pony Canyon Inc, the largest DVD distributor in Japan, added significant weight to the heated battle for HD DVD’s final format. The titles announced were mainly nature and travel oriented but titles nonetheless. Sony’s Blu-Ray could still come out swinging by announcing more “Hollywood” type titles, but with Pony Canyon on board, Toshiba/NEC took a major step in validating their format.

INHD comes to Voom, sort of… Perusing message boards and HDTV related sites, I’ve seen what could only be described as pessimistic speculation on Voom’s chances for success, without content from channels like HDNET and INHD. Well over the weekend I noticed INHD was providing some of Voom’s news channel, with sports coverage. So the “INHD will never be on Voom” argument was at least in a small way shot down. While obviously a few sports clips don’t make a channel, it surely implies that some sort of partnership is possible.

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