Voom Review Update

July 20, 2004

3010I wanted to post a quick update about my experience with Voom so far. Pretty much the last issue I had with the service was resolved today. An installer from Installs Inc. Came by (promptly I might add) and swapped out my Winegard Sensar for a Channel Master 3010.

On the surface this might not seem like such a great idea, as the Winegard is regarded as a “better” antenna, but I live downtown and only 11 miles from the farthest transmitter. Apparently my receiver was actually getting more than enough signal but the Sensar was just a little too directional. Once the 3010 was installed I immediately pulled in 9 local stations where before I was getting one..

With another channel scan I pulled in 13 off air stations! Yeah I know that sounds like a lot but a few of those are duplicates and WHSG a local religious station. The only ones I missed were PAX and W38CU a Spanish language channel, nothing I’ll miss. All in all I’m very pleased with the level of service Voom has given me.

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