Voom Satellite Review

July 10, 2004

voomI’ve had Voom Satellite for a little over a week now. Overall I’m more than pleased with my investment, aside from a few quirks like some off the air channels not mapping (Voom is correcting the problem) and a few random video artifacts on certain channels. As well as programming that indicates as being Dolby Digital yet has no center channel information, all that said I’d still happily recommend it to just about anyone looking for a HDTV source for their home theater. I’ve seen my share of Direct TV HD and considering the current one year contract required by DTV just to begin receiving HD, that’s more than enough for Voom to win my business. I took advantage of the zero upfront and no contract offer from Voom.

The Voom set top box has more than enough outputs to satisfy, the included remote feels substantial and is backlit, my only complaint on the remote was it only allows for learning VCR and TV commands, as far as I can tell at least.

One of the first flicks we watched was Matrix Revolutions on HBO HD. Picture quality was actually quite good, better than most recent film transfers I’ve seen. This brings up a point worth mentioning, not all Hi-Def is created equally. I break them down into 3 categories, content shot on a high definition video camera, recent films that have been accurately transferred to HD video and lastly TV shows and older films that apparently have just been line doubled.

Programming originally shot in HDTV typically offers the best play playback on a HD display device, although films carefully transferred to HD can look very good. Only a few of the TV shows and older films I’ve seen transferred to HD by the smaller networks are of acceptable quality in my opinion, as they lack correct color information that’s typically present in a good HD transfer.

In general Voom programming is good, although I’m looking forward to more variety, and pay per view. Time will tell if that’s in the cards for Voom.

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