Home Theater news August 11th

August 11, 2004

news_paperMarantz to add DVI switching, to new A/V receiver. Honestly of all the features added to A/V receivers, here’s one I can actually use. The new Marantz SR8500 to be released in December, offers 2 in 1 out DVI switching. Handy for folks wanting to use the DVI output of a satellite receiver and some of the new DVD players with DVI out, over one DVi cable to the display.

Most of the speculation around Texas Instruments new DLP chip (the xHD3) should be answered at CEDIA Expo 2004 later next month (September). The new chips which are expected to show up in only a handful of home theater projectors by years end, reportedly sport a resolution of 960×1080.

Voom’s financial numbers through June 30th were released recently. While not awe inspiring, they do show some potential. While a loss was reported, much of the time in question Voom was experiencing growth and technical problems.

With the addition of the Voom DVR and new channels in the fall as well as OTA channel issues recently fixed with the last firmware update, hopefully the next round of numbers will be better for Voom. I say hopefully because I for one don’t want to see Voom fade away, because no matter how many glitches or issues Voom has, I still prefer it over DirecTV.

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