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August 15, 2004

newsIn an earlier post I mentioned D-VHS and it’s uncertainty as a viable format for recording HDTV. After all with Blu-Ray recordable discs in the pipeline, as well as DVR and DVDRW recorders gaining in popularity, who wants tape? Well, apparently I missed out on a little device from JVC that actually makes sense, to me at least.

The HM-DT100 is an integrated off air HDTV tuner and D-VHS recorder. I mean look at it this way, if you were already in the market for a OTA receiver, for your home theater, why not get one with a built in D-VHS recorder?

Not news per say, but interesting nonetheless. The first demonstration of HDTV in the United States was in 1981 by NHK. It’s weird to think that all these years later, it’s just now starting to catch on. In all honesty, we’re still a few years away from even majority saturation of the technology. Here’s a page that follows the timeline and implementation of HDTV. It actually goes all the way back to 1964!

I ran across an article that talks about HDTV terminology and jargon, which is useful if you’re just starting your search for a hi-def set. And for all you golf fans CBS is set to air third and final rounds of the PGA Championship in HDTV.

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