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August 21, 2004

news_paperEven though this article about Voom on Forbes.com has a few out of date facts, it’s the snippet toward the end that really got my attention. The article states that Voom is aiming to expand to 94 high-def channels by the end of 2005. I’d be ecstatic if even half of that goal was met.

No real shocker here but, Intel has yet again delayed the introduction of LCOS display devices. Intel is really missing a great opportunity here. With the holiday season approaching, every week/month that LCOS is delayed is another product sold for the rival technologies.

One has to wonder what is it about LCOS that’s causing so many delays, and do those technical difficulties equate to a less than reliable product to the consumer? In all likelihood probably not, but if it was in home’s instead of unreleased, no one would have to speculate.

The local CBS station in New York ran a program called “Tech Styles: The Best In Home Theater” which is available for viewing online. The basics are covered, what’s new, what’s hot, and what some of the terminology means. Nothing groundbreaking, but solid information for the most part.

On the other side of the coin, here’s an example of why 5 people could give 5 different definitions of “home theater”. All I can tell you is this isn’t my idea of home theater, but hey to each his own.

Lastly I ran across this “bargain basement” plasma’s article on the Inquirer, and honestly I wasn’t even aware there were 46” Plasma’s in production. The BenQ mentioned would be a real nice trade off in a lot of cases. 42’s just seem smallish to me, while in many applications a 50” just isn’t cost effective.

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