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August 30, 2004

newsHewlett Packard has jumped in the ring with the likes of BenQ, and other IT based companies with the introduction of several plasma and LCD televisions, as well as digital projectors. In theory more competition can only benefit the consumer, but I really qonder what HP can bring to the table, that all of the other CE corporations aren’t already, time will tell.

I love how this Wasington Post article on pricing HDTV viewing, list’s Voom as the most expensive Satellite option, yet fails to mention they also happens to offer the most HDTV channels… Is that really accurate? Kind of like failing to mention a DVD changer holds more than one disc.

By the way, anyone else noticed that Voom has started mentioning their DVR, in certain ads. Hopefully that’s a sign that the wait may soon be over.

As a side note, I caught the Italian Job on ShowtimeHD last night on Voom, amazing picture, really quality transfer. I’ve seen quite a bit of HD on Voom, but this one really stood out.

I’m working on a few reviews at the moment, the Denon DVD-1910, which looks very promising and the 2×1 DVI Switcher from Gefen.

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