InFocus Screenplay 4805 review follow up

August 1, 2004

sp4805After living with the InFocus Screenplay 4805 for another four weeks, I wanted to add some follow up thoughts and observations to my review. First off this is without a doubt, to my knowledge, the hands down best buy in video displays thus far. Yes even with its EDTV limits, I can readily state that. For several hundred dollars less (if not more) than the price of an average 42” EDTV Plasma, you can get a 90-100” image, that’s going to look better to boot.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed in the time that’s passed, since the initial review, is how the 4805 handles hi-def sources. Common logic would dictate that DVD would provide pretty much all the resolution a EDTV display could display, not the case with the 4805. Time and time again I’ve seen “average” hi-def images out perform reference quality DVD’s. The real difference is the color information, HDTV signals just seem to have extremely accurate color information on the 4805. Also the combo of the 4805 via DVI with Voom seems to be a natural performer. It’s kind of like the old audio analogy when it comes to HD sources and ED displays: garbage in, garbage out, or rather the better the source the better the output regardless of the final output resolution.

So in summing up, my time with the 4805 has been nothing short of eye opening, as to what to expect from a sub 2k home theater projector. And like I stated in the original review, I can’t wait to see what InFocus has in store for the 5700’s replacement.

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