Home Theater news September 4th 2004

September 4, 2004

news_paperAtlantic Technology introduced a news series of slim profile speakers, aimed at flat panel displays. I’ve always had a love hate relationship, with this manufacturer, I’ve heard them sound extremely well, in certain setups and a little flat in others, with no apparent reason. I’ll be looking for this particular line at CEDIA this year, as one of my local distributors is set to carry the line.

Speaking of flat panel displays, an article over at PC Magazine, discusses improving the color performance of LCD’s. Advances in LED technology may soon give a much needed boost the amount and accuracy of colors as compared to current LCD displays.

In other LCD news, the Inquirer is reporting, that large LCD monitors and televisions will continue to drop in price. By as much as 10 to 15 percent, in the coming months.

With CEDIA coming up, I can’t help but remember the Sony High Contrast, black screen I saw at Infocomm, a few months ago. I really hope they show it again, more so I hope they are moving ahead on getting these things into production, I had a short conversation with a Sony rep shortly after Infocomm, and she stated they had no immediate plans for production, but that could change. I’ve also heard companies such as Stewart are looking into this type of technology as well.

In Voom rumors, the latest word is that the Sci-Fi channel will start Wednesday September the 8th on channel 523.

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