Oh-a oh, Netflix and TiVo killed the video store

September 6, 2004

dvd-caseOk, this is big news, I can’t argue that. But I for one am a little less than interested in the upcoming partnership between Netflix and TiVo. Yeah, I admit it’s cool that you’ll be able to have your “rented” movies delivered to your TiVo box, but let’s be realistic. With HD-DVD right around the corner, I’m not really ready to sacrifice the highest quality video source yet to date, for conveniences sake.

I want my HD-DVD and I want it now. I’m dying to see my favorite films in full hi-def glory, without some content provider deciding for me when and what would be most appropriate to air. To those of you who aren’t really interested in HD (boggle), this is quite a leap forward in convenience, as it’s estimated it’ll take just over a couple of hours from the time you pick your movie, until your able to watch it. I have to admit, that is convenient, but at 4 gigabytes or more, downloading “renting” HD DVD’s isn’t really feasible right now, as most consumers still don’t have that type of bandwidth available.

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