Voom HD Cinema, lineup changes

September 19, 2004

LeeThe Satellite Guys are reporting that as of October, Voom will revamp its HD Cinema programming lineup. As well as present all new transfers, in their original aspect ratio. The new lineup will consist of the following channels:

101. Pixel – family G/PG related viewing
102. Arthouse – notable and offbeat independent films
103. Guy TV
104. Docs – documentaries
105. Vice – crime, suspense, thriller and mystery films
106. Fu – Kungfu and martial art’s films!
107. The Vault – classics
108. Epics
109. Gunslingers
110. Divine
121. Monsters

I personally can’t wait for the “Fu” channel. Martial arts flicks are a perfect alternative to “nothings on” you can catch one at the beginning, middle, or end and always get a hoot out of them.

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