Death Star Theater

October 19, 2004

death_star_theaterAs someone who has daily involvement in the planning and design of high-end custom home theaters, I admit it takes a lot to impress me. When I saw this theater, I was truly in awe. I wasn’t so much in the theme but in the level of detail and the overall end result.

The owners are apparently fervent Star Wars memorabilia collectors (shock) and wanted a way to showcase some of their trophy items. One of the owners is actually the president of the Official Star Wars Fan Club.

Dillon Works fabricated this 10 seat custom home theater, complete with automatic doors and twinkling star fields. (It even has a THX sound system!) 

I’m not familiar with the designer or integrator, but I’m glad they aren’t in my market. You’d really have to get your thinking cap on to top this one.

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