InFocus news

October 29, 2004

infocus_screenplayI have it on good authority that sometime between January and February InFocus will release a new projector, the InFocus Screenplay 7210. Not much is known about it other than the target price range of between 9 and 10k USD and the possible inclusion of lens shift. This breaks with InFocus’s release schedule, by introducing a new model or successor to a line less than a year after the previous model, but I’m fairly confident my source is correct. The Screenplay 5000 also broke with tradition being a LCD while the majority of company’s lineup is DLP.

Also a price drop for the current SP 7205 was hinted at, as well as the possible announcement of the long awaited replacement of the SP 5700, moving the old workhorse to a 720p capable unit. While the later was only speculation, it’s my opinion that if InFocus is to retain their market dominance, a 720p capable DLP replacement for the 5700 is a necessity, as other manufactures currently offer such units in the sub 5k range.

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