It came from CEATEC part two, the Sony VPL-HS50

October 10, 2004

Among the other products introduced this past week at the CEATEC consumer electronics show in Tokyo Japan, was the Sony VPL-HS50. Sony, one of the bigger proponents of LCD technology, continue with this 1200 ANSI lumen, 1280×788, 720p capable projector which offers some features new to the Sony lineup. One of the things that struck me most about the VPL-HS50, was its easy to use menu driven, color and contrast/brightness settings. This projector was made to be tweaked for optimal picture quality.

The RCP (real color processing) system offers adjustment of red, blue, green, and all sub hues separately from one another, all with on screen feedback showing you relative position. While other projectors offer such adjustments, the VPL-HS50 allows you to not only adjust these values with a video overlay, but the saturation and depth of a single color only. The VPL-HS50 almost encourages the home theater enthusiast to fine tune settings, with its easy to understand graphical menu system.

The claimed contrast ratio is 6000:1 no that’s not a typo, Sony has stated a CR of 6000:1 for the VPL-HS50. This is really quite amazing from a HDTV LCD projector, and represents quite a breakthrough for Sony. Among the other features indicated for the VPL-HS50 are an advanced iris control mechanism, lens shift and HDMI connections. No confirmed price at post time was available, however the VPL-HS50 lists on a few UK sites as under 4k USD. Sony aims to ship in late October or early November.

Vplhs50_front     Vplhs50_back
Vplhs50_iris     Vplhs50_menu

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