Samsung HLP5685W, preview

October 31, 2004

HLP5685WI finally got a look at the Samsung HLP5685W, this set is gorgeous. If you’ve been kicking around the idea of purchasing one of these, I’d recommend seeing one in person. Photos don’t really do it justice. It’s actually hard to stop looking at it. I see so many consumer electronic items that look great in pictures but in person you wonder if you’re looking at the same item, not the case here.

I visited an old friend, who’s also in the business, this past weekend and he had one on display. It caught my eye the second I walked in. The HLP5685W is one of those items that just demands attention. Recently I saw a clients HLP6163W (tabletop DLP) and quite honestly it didn’t really impress me. It wasn’t bad, just no ‘wow’ factor. I suppose the HLP5685W, with its HD2+ chipset and fine pitch screen, should be quite a bit better than the HLP6163W but I was shocked at how much better.

The fit and finish of this set was better than I expected, all except for (you guessed it) the remote. I’ve never been able to figure out why manufacturers bring out a flagship receiver, top of the line projector, or in our case a really distinctive looking rear projection DLP, and just throw in the same ‘ol handset for the rest of the line. Oh well that’s what these are for I guess.


In case you’ve been able to escape all of the print, television, and web based advertising around the HLP5685W, it’s a 56” rear projection DLP housed in one heck of a sexy cabinet, more of a cabinet/base/pedestal actually. Some of the swankier features included are standard definition up-conversion, 3:2 pull-down detection, 2 tuner picture in picture, and last but by no means least a resolution of 1,280 x 720. All of this is great but I found my favorite feature and it wasn’t even mentioned in any of the literature, I took a photo of it.


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