Sanyo Z3 review

October 16, 2004

I spotted a Sanyo Z3 review up at Projector Central. Among the improvements noticed over the Z2 was less pixilation, better scaling from all video sources, and improved contrast as well as black level. One of the more serious problems from the Z2 has also apparently been resolved, vertical banding.

The Sanyo Z3 does all of this and is $500.00 less than the Z2 to boot. Definitely worth a look, the Sanyo Z2 was always a contender in the sub 3K home theater projector market, it appears to be even more so now.

When it comes to image quality, the Z3 has it in spades. This projector is a lot of fun to watch. DVD material is razor sharp and as cleanly scaled as it gets. Even standard definition broadcast television is clearer and more watchable that we would have anticipated. As you might imagine based upon its native 1280×720 resolution, it does a beautiful job with both 1080i and 720p HDTV. It is capable of delivering a high contrast, rich, detailed image that will be breathtaking to your friends and neighbors, especially after they hear how little you paid for it.

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