Whatever happened to Dolby Digital Plus?

October 5, 2004

Dolby_logoDolby Digital Plus, announced a few months ago has yet to surface, the new surround format is said to offer a better compression scheme than previous versions, while still delivering full bandwidth Dolby Digital quality. Oddly there is still no technical description of DD+ on the current technologies page at Dolby. With DTS scheduled to be included on Blu-Ray disc’s, the obvious place for DD+ to shine would be on HD-DVD’s, which offers somewhat less storage space than Sony’s Blu-Ray.

The new compression codec offered by DD+ is a natural for HD-DVD, as Toshiba and NEC are no doubt very conscious of the fact they are working with less storage space, to begin with. It looks like the first appearance of DD+ will indeed be on HD-DVD discs.

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