A doozey from down under, the Halcro SSP100

November 10, 2004

halcro_ssp100Halcro amplifiers have garnered more buzz in the high end audio industry lately, than a swarm of killer bee’s. Paul Brolin of Stereophile went as far as to state, “To this day I have yet to hear any amplifier that equals the (Halcro) dm58’s combination of complete neutrality, harmonic generosity, lighting reflexes, and a sense of boundless power that is difficult to describe”. If you’ve read much of Stereophile then you know rarely are description’s like that floated around errantly.

But it’s not just high end audio writers excited about Halcro. The Australian line garnered just as much interest at CEDIA in Indianapolis recently, with the unveiling of their statement surround sound processor. The SSP100 is a fully balanced 7.1 processor with advanced speaker auto calibration, adjustable lip-sync function, 4×1 HDMI switching, and built in up-scaling up to 1080p. The processor also provides multi channel SACD & DVD-Audio playback via an analog bypass. Granted this kind of innovation and renowned quality doesn’t come cheap (11k) but from first reports the cost might be warranted, as opposed to some fu-fu boutique lines that forget it’s about the sound not the aesthetics.

Now there’s about as much chance of getting my hands on one of these for a review, as Oprah Winfrey bequeathing me her fortune, but one can dream. In all honesty, it’s the trickle down effect of products like these that hold the real-world benefit for an average Joe. Reading a little about their manufacturing and design process, it becomes quickly apparent they take their craft seriously. Who knows maybe they’ll branch off into A/V receivers one day…

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