Ashlee Simpson isn’t alone, with lip sync errors that is

November 9, 2004

felstonUK Company Felston introduces what would appear to be the first commercially available, standalone device to correct lip sync errors in home theater applications. The device is inserted between the SPDIF (Coaxial) audio connection from the DVD player and the surround processor or receiver. It digitally corrects the malady that plagues some users.

Not that I’m one to panic the oblivious, but you may actually be experiencing the ‘lip sync’ problem and be none the wiser. As it can be obvious or subtle, according to Felston’s literature, one way to find out for your self is to study the close up’s of the actors’ faces while speaking. If you can detect a slight lag between the audio and video, it’s likely your display is the culprit. Mind you, not all flat panel displays or rear projection devices suffer from this, but if your one of the ‘lucky’ owners of a system that demonstrates the error, this product just might be for you.

Note, at this time the DD340 is only available in Europe, but worldwide delivery is in the works.

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