Cellar Cinemas HTPC-465, preview

November 26, 2004

htpcI was browsing through a magazine the other day and saw an ad for a HTPC. Normally I’d just keep page flipping and wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but this one grabbed my attention. The Cellar Cinemas HTPC-465 sports Dolby Digital and DTS audio, 720p/1080i/960p/1080p custom timings, NTSC and HDTV video processing, IR, RF, and RS-232 control, Windows Media-9 HDTV playback, HDTV time shifting, and comes with the outputs ISF calibrated.

Those features almost make me wish I hadn’t given up on HTPC’s as a reliable means of video playback, but I know when I’m beat. This isn’t an endorsement of this product by the way. I just thought with that feature set, home theater PC fans might be interested.

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