CES 2004 preview

November 27, 2004

ces_2005The Consumer Electronics Show 2005 will be here before you know it (January 6-9) but speculation as to which products will be the favorites is already underway. Many of these products have already been seen at such shows as CEDIA and alike, but CES is where many ‘mainstream’ attendees get their chance to see what the consumer electronics world is up to. Below are some of the upcoming products that have caught my eye and will be shown at CES.

Nevo SL universal remote:


The Nevo SL remote features a 3.5” LCD display, built-in Wi-Fi, 17 configurable buttons, and a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. The Nevo SL runs on a pocket PC software platform. Oh no, just when you thought remotes couldn’t get anymore complicated, now we have Microsoft in them. I joke but it does bring up some interesting questions, will it need periodic reboots? Where are the ctrl, alt, delete keys?

In all seriousness I think this will be a trend, remotes will become extensions of our homes, and two-way communication is a must. After all, why do you have to be in front of a television to decide what’s on? A Wi-Fi enabled remote could give you complete program listings while you’re multitasking away in some other part of the house. You could even click ‘record’ from the remote and watch it later all without even turning on your main display.

Sony’s DHG-HDD500 and DHG-HDD250:

DHG-HDD250HDTV is here to stay but let’s face it there are very few options for HDTV time shifting that are available, outside of proprietary solutions such as DirecTV’s TiVo/Sat combo or the various local cable Box/DVR combos. What’s the go it alone minded enthusiasts to do? Sony hopes to fill this gap by introducing the DHG-HDD500 and DHG-HDD250 standalone HDTV recorders. While they don’t offer TiVo in their HDTV HDD recorders, 500GB or 250GB recording space and TV guides’ free on-line listings should more than suffice, for now.

LG DU-62SY20D:

DU-62SY20DLG, who one particular writer described as Sony’s illegitimate stepchild, is likely to make 2005 a push year by introducing some aggressive new models and price points. I’ll go out on a limb here and predict the DU-62SY20D is the rear projection set to beat in 2005. Obviously there are and will be ‘better’ sets out there, but at $4,499 this DLP display with 1920x1080p resolution, cable card capabilities, and built in ATSC tuner offers some hard to match features in the sub 5k range of displays.

I also think this “year of 1080p” stuff is slightly exaggerated as we’re still moving toward 50% saturation of HDTV in general. However there will be a big push for 1080p late 2005 and early 2006, as the products mature and consumer expectations fall in line with what’s actually available.

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