Pocket sized subwoofers

November 2, 2004

aesAmong the exhibitors at the Audio Engineering Society convention in San Francisco this past weekend, was a new subwoofer technology from Tymphany. The Linear Array Transducer (LAT) is said to greatly reduce the size of low frequency drivers, compared to the large cone drivers we’re accustomed to.

Conventional cone loudspeakers move air across a single diaphragm, the Tymphany LAT technology moves air using a linear array of multiple smaller diaphragms. This is said to Result in much more efficient loudspeaker geometry, according to company literature.

One of the possible uses claimed by Tymphany would be in flat panel displays for extended bass reproduction, without the need for a separate subwoofer. Another possible application would be insertion into in-wall speakers increasing their low end frequency response.

This looks promising, but I have a few reservations, as home theater enthusiasts have never really shy’d away from large speakers or subwoofers, and as much as the description in principle sounds plausible, I have to wonder how one of these ‘mini woofers’ would really stack up against a 12” behemoth. But hey I’m open to anything.

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