Replay to offer standalone HD PVR?

November 24, 2004

replay_tvAccording to D&M Holdings (Owner of the Replay TV brand) 2004 Interim Financial Results (full text in pdf. on D&M’s website), the company realizes the need for a stand-alone, high definition, personal video recorder. The following section of text specially speaks to this.

“In realizing the product, D&M takes staged development approach, where new products are launched at each stage, to quickly change developed technologies into real business: 1st stage: AV products with Media Extender function 2nd stage: HD-PVR with Media Extender, Audio Streaming Server 3rd stage: HD Media Server with full security transmission (DTCP-IP)”

This is great news as more consumers are looking for alternatives to integrated PVR’s such as DirecTV’s HDTiVo and DVR/PVR cable boxes.

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