Voom to add 30+ new HDTV channels

November 23, 2004

voomAs I’ve stated numerous times, Voom doesn’t appear to be the “about to fold” company many have made them out to be, and this bit of news (link removed) wouldn’t lead me to believe otherwise. On or around March of 2005 Voom will add an additional 30 plus HDTV channels, as well as nearly 200 standard definition channels, according to Tom Dolan, CEO of Rainbow Media Enterprises.

Part of Voom’s ability to offer such an increase in programming is their recently leased “Rainbow 2” satellite from SES Americom, and a new encoding system from Harmonic, at the start configured to run in MPEG-2 and later to be upgraded to MPEG-4. All I can say is wow, I’ve enjoyed the service tremendously so far but even I couldn’t have anticipated allmost 70 HDTV channels. This is definitely a positive move, and if the long anticipated Voom DVR can be brought to the market, Voom may still have a little fight left in them yet.

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