Home theater news December 27th, 2004

December 27, 2004

speakerI love articles like this one by Gerry Lemay, simple direct and to the point, but more importantly it contains information that will stand up over time. 7 Myths about Room Acoustics, hits on some of my favorite audio myths including, surround speakers are only for effects and my all time favorite mondo myth ‘The most important component in the system is the speaker’.

If any salesmen ever tells you anything that even resembles this fallacy, run don’t walk to the nearest exit. Without going into some spiel that would likely leave me looking like an audiogeek, suffice to say speakers are no more important to the end result of a home theater system than the Pirelli’s on a Porsche. It’s all relevant, all things being equal each component should receive it’s due consideration.

tvSwitching gears a little to Digital Television, the CEA reports that over 6 million sets were sold through November of this year. I’m not sure if this is above or below the estimated projections for this time period, but it sounds like a good healthy number to me. Hopefully content providers such as DIRECTV, Dish Network, VOOM and the various local cable companies will step up to the plate and make 2005 memorable for programming as well as display sales.

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