Home Theater News December 3rd

December 3, 2004

oz Fire up those HD-DVR’s and D-VHS tapes, the WB will air The Wizard of Oz in high definition on Sunday December 19th. Now surely a lot of folks have the DVD and enjoy this one with the kids from time to time, or alone… But to my knowledge this will be the first time Dorothy gets on down the road in hi-def. I’m crossing my fingers that the aspect will remain 4:3, but who knows these days with all of this stretch, squeeze and blow-up nonsense. Oh well, I’ll tune in to see how it looks regardless.

Speaking of HDTV, the Slate recently ran a ‘decent’ read on picking the right hi-def television. It’s worth a link in an email to friends looking for a new set, if you’re tired of explaining what to look for, however this Fred Kaplan chap does mention ‘plasma burn-in’. People when are we going to stop perpetuating this burn-in hype? It’s silly, with any reasonable care whatsoever burn-in, burn-out, or burn-up, is a non issue. Yeah it ‘is’ possible but in nearly every case of plasma ‘burn-in’ I’ve seen, it was user negligence. Oh well, he does hit on the majority of the technologies and otherwise presents a handy guide for anyone looking for a new display.

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