If Optimus Prime made surround receivers

December 2, 2004

TX-NR1000The Onkyo TX-NR1000 packs somewhat of a unique feature in current Home Theater surround receivers, hardware based upgradeability. While this isn’t a ‘new’ concept, it is one that hasn’t been seen much of late. The TX-NR1000 is a 150 watt THX Ultra2, Dolby Digital EX, and DTS-ES capable receiver that also boasts HDMI switching and Ethernet connectivity. Now the really interesting feature of this monster is the removable input modules that, for instance, could be swapped out when a new surround processing scheme is introduced, or add an extra set of DSP modes, etc.

Like I said, this isn’t necessarily a new idea. Several manufacturers played around with ‘upgradeable’ gear through the nineties but it never really seemed to catch on in the mid-fi realm. This is most likely due to the fact that such upgrades were usually cost prohibitive over just buying a new piece of gear. But this receiver couldn’t actually be considered ‘mid-fi’ as it sells for around $4500. It’s closest competitor would most likely be the Denon-5805 at nearly $1500 more. What does the Denon offer that the TX-NR1000 doesn’t? Well for one thing auto room calibration, which I honestly find a little surprising considering the cost of the Onkyo. I’d have to assume that one likely expansion card would be such an AutoEQ function. One rumored expansion card is for XM radio, which is not bad when you consider the already included 30 built-in Internet radio station presets.


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