Kaleidescape faces legal challenge

December 8, 2004


I suppose the news of Kaleidescape being sued by the ‘DVD Copy Control Association’ shouldn’t really take anyone by surprise given the overzealous nature of the anti-copy lobby, but come on who are they really going after in this case? Let’s be honest Kaleidescape owners didn’t pay 27k to be able to rip bootlegs of iRobot to ‘get over on the man’.

No the type of individual that owns a Kaleidescape probably already had hundreds of legitimate DVD’s and couldn’t be bothered with something so plebeian as ‘bootlegging’. Odd timing actually as the company recently introduced new hardware with HDMI, showing that they are trying to comply with copy protection standards while at the same time offering prospective buyers a truly unique user experience. Oh well time well tell how this pan’s out, Kaleidescape has won other similar lawsuits but none as seemingly “from the top” as this one.

Posted by Bryan Greenway | | Filed Under Media Servers