Not so fast on that Voom spin-off

December 21, 2004

voomCablevision announced that its board of directors have decided to suspend the spin-off of its Rainbow Media Enterprises (Voom) subsidiary, and instead pursue strategic alternatives for Rainbow. That’s the basic text of the announcement but the speculation as to what it really means will run rampant. Cablevision as many of you know, planned to file papers with the SEC and let Voom sink or swim, reliving stockholders from worry that they were carrying an unnecessary burden for the ‘fledgling’ satellite provider.

Now on one hand the nay-sayers would surely point to this as the end for Voom, however I doubt it will be as simple as that, for one those long running rumors of a Dish-Network merger haven’t really been squashed or confirmed, and the timing of the suspended spin-off seems odd considering Voom’s announcement of increased channel capacity. Call me pollyanna but this might actually be good news instead of gloom, perhaps announcement of a merger or some other ‘trump-card’ is in the works. No one can say for sure except Voom, but I for one will just sit back and continue to enjoy the 30+ HDTV channels.

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