Samsung SPH700AE DLP Front Projector, preview

December 29, 2004

SPH700AEI’m trying to keep up with some of the more ‘anticipated’ home theater equipment from the upcoming CES 2005, and the SPH700AE (MSRP: $ 12999.99) surely fits into that category. The last time I saw the SPH700AE was at InfoComm 2004 in Atlanta, I say saw in the loosest sense because it wasn’t actually projecting an image, just sitting there under plexiglass as if it was some sort of unknown relic. It appears this projector has had two or three ‘false starts‘ as Samsung continues to refine and tweak it prior to a proper commercial release.

With weighty claims like “Samsung’s first entry into the front projection business is expected to re-define DLP picture quality for the single DMD class of front projectors” you’d think they were reinventing the wheel, and maybe so but without a full on review it’s hard to say. The SPH700AE is unique in one sense, to my knowledge it’s the only projector designed with direct input from Joe Kane of Digital Video Essentials fame, say what you want about the ease of navigation of Mr. Kane’s DVE disc, but he definitely knows a thing or three about video reproduction. The SPH700AE is scheduled to be showcased by Samsung ‘again’ at CES in Vegas, maybe 2005 will be the year for the projector, but hey CEDIA 2005 is just around the corner….

P.S. totally off topic but obviously more important than anything entertainment oriented, here are two links to the tsunami relief efforts: Unicef & The Red Cross

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