Think all DVD’s are pretty much the same?

December 20, 2004

pulpI ran across this site about a month ago and every time I check another DVD on it, I’m blown away at the lengths these guys go in comparing the quality of DVD releases. I wouldn’t normally recommend something so ‘spammy’ but the value is there regardless of the blinking banners. Just for kicks go to the DVD Comparisons page and scroll down to the alphabet table and click ‘P’. Now scroll down to ‘Pulp Fiction and compare some of the video stills. It’s remarkable at how much this DVD varies region to region. I’ll warn you though if you don’t have a region free player it can be a little depressing, as sadly some of the better versions aren’t NTSC.

Another interesting comparison is Blue Velvet, which actually favors the NTSC version, even with some apparent edge enhancement. If only they had profiled ‘Brotherhood of the Wolf’ before I bought my third copy….

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