1080p, likely the most important technology displayed at CES 2005

January 10, 2005

HLR6768WOk you just got your ‘HDTV’ and you’re all jazzed about finally being able to invite friends over and watch some ‘HD’. Imagine your horror to read that 1080p is the new darling of HDTV sets? Yeah 1080p sets will ship in the next few weeks to months and it’ll be jaw dropping. Imagine the resolution of 1080i with none of the motion artifacts. Of course 720p is still ‘real’ HD, nothing’s going to change that, but 1080p is important, as it will drive new research and development and cause prices on 720p/1080i sets to drop. This in all honesty is the most important benefit of 1080p.

Sure some of the early adopters and big spenders will go out and buy some of the new sets, such as the recently announced 67’ HLR6768W from Samsung or the LG DU-62SY20D, but all of those other ‘lower resolution’ sets will eventually scale down in price to offset the desire for 1080p capable displays. With 1080p displays ready to ship this year and high definition DVD set to deploy in late 2005 and early 2006, these next few years will likely be remembered as a ‘golden age’ for high resolution home entertainment. Break out the popcorn!

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