A 50” rear projection hi-def television for under 2 grand?

January 17, 2005

sxrdRecently a client scoffed at a proposal I’d written up that included a 50” HDTV rear projection set, priced at around 3199.00. Hey I remember when 45” standard definition televisions cost that much, so per usual I took offense at first and thought later (bad habit). Regardless I later took it to heart and started researching, a likely time frame my frugal customer would get his wish of a 50” HDTV for 2k or less.

Ok what did I learn? Well obviously if you’re willing to forego a manufacturers warranty and buy on-line you can get a Samsung 50” DLP rear projection display right now for less than $2500.00, with further price drops coming in the not too distant future. Far be it for me to tell you 2.5k is a substantial enough investment to warrant some assurance, but if you feel so compelled I’d love to come over and watch the Soprano’s with you. This brings up an interesting comparison, that is, what a firm like mine offers that an on-line consumer electronics supplier doesn’t?

Well for one, until the day a retailer in Texas can sell you a set, ship it and come to your house and set it up for $128.00 profit, I think my jobs secure, and I’m thankful for that. But seriously what can a local dealer offer a mass market e-tailer cant? Obviously it’s service, before and after the fact. When we design and sell systems we actually set them up and calibrate on site, novel concept, I kid. This used to be the norm but nowadays it’s a sadly rare occurrence. So in closing, give you’re local custom A/V retailer a break, he probably deserves one.

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