Da-Lite Theater-Lite projection screen

January 3, 2005

theater-liteIf I had found one of these before I bolted my 80” screen down to the wall, I might have went in another direction and saved my wall from some screw holes, but hindsight is 20/20 I guess. Da-lite’s Theater-Lite line of screens is a ‘pop-up’ instead of pull down solution which might be very attractive to users with high or vaulted ceilings, that rule out pull down screens. I did some quick math and even with my ceiling mounted projector this screen is only about 4 inches short of filling my current projected image, nothing a quick couple of shims under its feet couldn’t overcome.

Operation of the screen itself couldn’t be easier, just release and raise the extension arm, and unroll the screen to whatever height you want. To hide it away just reverse that and voila, blank wall, or whatever you had there to begin with.. Anyway the Theater-Lite is currently offered in 60 and 80” 16:9 screen sizes, while a similar series called the Deluxe Insta-Theater is available in 73 and 90” sizes.

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